Master Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety

Safety courses in Coimbatore India Tamil Nadu
Safety courses in Coimbatore India Tamil Nadu

National Academy of Safety advisers, launches master diploma in Occupational health, safety, environmental risk management with the approval of BSS, Promoted by the government of India.  The High demanding safety jobs and competitive job market requires the safety engineers and managers to stay themselves updated with International standards.

This Master Diploma in Occupational health and safety qualification designed for safety managers, to develop their profile.

Relevant Safety Qualification:

Advanced Diploma in Industrial Safety 

The duration of OSH Masters qualification is two years, and the students shall appear for exams in every academic calendar or course calendar exam dates.

Exams for this master safety diploma certifications are conducted by Controller of examinations, India.

Syllabus :

First year :

International Health and Safety Management

International control of hazardous substance in workplace

Safety management and Communication

Risk management and Control

Fundamentals of health and safety engineering


Second Year

Environmental planning and management

Environmental technology and engineering

International Workplace and Work equipment safety

Risk management and Control

Fundamentals of health and safety engineering


Qualification Details (Master Diploma in HSE):

This Qualification (Master Diploma in Occupational health safety, environmental risk management) covers both industrial safety concepts and environmental engineering. The students appearing for Master Diploma in HSE will receive extensive information about industrial safety issues, accident prevention and environmental standards.

The Practical session makes the students familiar with the environmental aspect, impact assessment and risk assessment concepts.

To pass the qualification, the students have to study any industry based on the knowledge gained through master diploma and have to appear for Viva-voce.

Course Approval :

  • Bharat Sevak Samaj, Promoted by Government of India
  • National development agency, India
  • Controller of examinations, India

Why Master Diploma in HSE:

  • The Master Diploma Qualifications are the highest level qualification awarded by BSS, Promoted by Government of India
  • Master Diploma in Safety and health helps to achieve Membership in International Institute of risk management (U.k)
  • The Certificates of Master Diploma in OHSE Shall be registered in employment exchange
  • The Students shall attest the qualification in “Ministry of external affairs” that helps to get international jobs.
  • The knowledge of International health and safety standards is highly important to work in multinational industries.
  • The Companies prefer highly qualified safety engineers and safety managers to work in Health and safety domain.

How Shall the Qualification be Assessed?

The examinations are conducted by the controller of examinations, and the papers are assessed by the BSS, technical team.  The Students have to appear for both theoretical and practical examination on the dates provided by the Institute.

Any inconvenience in attending the exams must be notified earlier to the institute and the students haven’t appeared for regular examinations shall request custom examination dates.

Is Distance education available?

yes, the students can take this Master Diploma qualifications in distance, however the preparation of international standards and completion of assignments are must.

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