Industrial Safety Courses

The Introduction:

National Academy of Safety Advisers, one of the reputed safety training institute located in Tamil Nadu, India delivering more than 200 plus national government and internationally recognized safety qualifications.

Our Industrial Safety Training programs are approved by Bharat Sevak Samaj, which is one of the governmental organisation approved by the national development agency, India.

National academy of Safety advisers, also an ISO 9001 - 2008 certified training organisation, operating with specialized tutors team.

We have provided more than 1000 + Industrial training programs for various industries that shows our quality of training and global presence in health and safety domain.

Advanced Diploma in Industrial Safety 

Diploma in Industrial Safety Engineering

Master Diploma in Industrial Safety Engineering

Diploma in Industrial and Environmental management

Diploma in Environmental Safety 

Diploma in Industrial Safety Management 

Master Diploma in Occupational safety, health environmental management

Advanced Diploma in Powerplant Safety engineering 

Who can choose Industrial Safety Diploma?

The Industrial Safety Qualifications are developed by BSS, Promoted by the government of India and All of our qualifications are approved by the National development agency, India.

The Students with any degree or diploma shall choose Industrial safety qualifications in order to start their career in evergreen industrial safety discipline.

What is an Industrial safety?

Industrial safety is one of the leading study and department that focus on various safety and health issues, and the methodologies to prevent them.

This study is generalized, to suit the various industrial needs, that facilitate the students to widen their career scope.

What is Industrial safety engineering?

One of the leading and developed engineering discipline, that focus on various engineering solutions that can be used to minimize the risk of accidents and ill health in the industries.

What is Industrial safety management?

The study that focuses more on administrative controls and management system, that helps to achieve the safer operation.

Types of Industrial safety Qualifications Available?

  • Diploma in Industrial Safety
  • Diploma in industrial safety engineering
  • Advanced Diploma in Industrial safety
  • Master Diploma in Industrial safety
  • Advanced Diploma in Fire and Industrial safety management
  • Diploma in industrial environmental safety
  • Diploma in industrial safety & disaster management

All the above management qualifications are approved under BSS, Promoted by the government of India and National development agency, India.

How Can You Learn Industrial safety programs:

Industrial safety engineering and management qualifications are available in different study methods,

The Highlights of Industrial safety Courses:

  • Industrial safety engineering and management academics are approved under Bharat Sevak Samaj, Government of India and through National development agency.
  • The students shall seek a job in any type of industries, with this nationalized industrial qualifications.
  • For the students wish to move any other countries, these certifications are eligible to get attestation by ministry of external affairs, India
  • The Syllabus of industrial safety courses is developed with international work environment standards.

How long will it take to complete?

Students shall prefer their suitable mode of study, based on their convenience,

In order to appear for examinations, the students must complete all the modules of industrial safety.

The number of modules will vary depends on the level of certifications.

Assessment method

The examinations are controlled and invigilated by the controller of examinations, India.

The examination consists theoretical examination, in which the students have to score a minimum of 45% of total marks.

Invaluable support:

The students preparing for industrial safety qualifications will be provided with invaluable book materials and self-assessment sheets for good understanding.