How to keep your aged parents safe, when you are not there


Recently, I have feared about leaving my aged mom in a home alone.

I was much worried about her when am working far away from my native.

I asked my friend, for some of the ideas to keep my aged mom safe, when am away from home.

he has given fabulous ideas, and some of them are

  • Give her a loaded gun
  • Make her keep the knife always
  • Give a bomb, that can be activated manually

I slapped him and said, I haven't asked for an idea to caught in police 🙂

After an analysis, I found ways to keep your aged parents safe, when we are not with them.

Some of them are,

  • Buy a Dog
  • Install CCTV
  • Appoint Assistant to taken care of,
  • Get an alarm system
  • Make Your Neighbours as friend
  • Bring them next to you 🙂