Oil and gas safety courses

Why are Oil and gas safety courses so popular?


safety courses in india
Oil and gas accident statistics by Bureau of Labor Statistics

Recently Bureau of Labour statistics found, oil and gas industries are facing more accidents compared to any other general industries.

The high accident rates in oil and gas industries demand the employment of high level of safety engineers and safety managers.

Available Oil and Gas safety courses:

  • Diploma in Oil and Gas safety management
  • Master Diploma in Offshore, rig, oil and gas safety engineering
  • Advanced Diploma in oil and gas safety management

Topics covered in Oil and gas safety courses:

Oil and gas safety courses covers, entire accident prevention strategies.

Some of the topics covered are,

Health and safety environmental management

Introduction to various safety management studies and theories exist throughout the world.

The subject covers in-depth details of oil and gas industries, various process and hazards exist.

Hydrocarbon Process Safety

The Subject that covers, critical safety systems in oil and gas industries, design controls, process safety management strategies etc.

Hydrocarbon Process Safety 2

The study of various failure modes that leads to failure of hydrocarbon, and strategies to identify and prevent the exposure.

The Knowledge of Safety critical system controls.

Fire Protection and Emergency response:

Various fire prevention, protection and precautionary measures that can be taken to minimize the risk in oil and gas industries.

International workplace hazards & Control

The knowledge of various hazardous operations and safety measures.

The input and application of legislative requirements in the workplace.

How Can I Study?

The students can study Oil and gas safety courses in regular mode or in distance education.

How long it takes?

Diploma and Master Diploma qualifications in oil and gas domain are one year, however, the students can avail in fast track mode.

Are Certificates are valid?

Oil and gas safety certificates are issued from BSS, Promoted by Government of India, Approved by a national development agency.

Does the certificate valid in other countries?

Yes, the students shall attest the certificates in Ministry of external affairs, India.

That allows them to work anywhere in the world.

Is your Institution is recognized?

If you are looking for best oil and gas safety institute in India, then you are already in right place.

Our Institution is registered under Ministry of corporate affairs, and ISO 9001 Certified Safety company that gives credibility to your studies.

Master Diploma in Offshore,rig, Oil and Gas safety engineering

The Ultimate safety qualification for the professionals searching for a career in Oil and Gas, offshore and in Oil rigs.

Post Diploma in Petrochemical process safety engineering

A Specialist qualification in Petrochemical industries, that meet entire safety needs.

Advanced Diploma in Chemical plant Processing and safety management

Advanced level process safety qualification for expert knowledge in system, process safety.

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