food safety courses in coimbatore

What is Food Safety?

The habits of food are having a significant impact on the health of individuals.

The sufficient care must be exercised in each stage of handling, storage, and distribution of food.

The food becomes hazardous to human in number of ways, some of them are,

  • The Poor manufacturing system being adopted
  • Poor hygiene habits in the storage and handling of food
  • The lack of prevention of food from pathogen contamination.
  • Adaptation or use of unsuitable raw materials for manufacturing

The food safety is one of the global concern and the main purpose of food safety is to prevent the food contamination and food poisoning.

Food safety courses in Coimbatore, tamil nadu, India
Food safety courses in Coimbatore, tamil nadu, India

Who Can choose food safety course?

  • Food Production Professionals
  • Small restaurant / Beverage manufacturers
  • Employees working in food manufacturing industry
  • Students wish to start their career in food safety
  • Students wishing to upgrade their knowledge of food safety prevention strategies.

What will You learn?

  • Local laws and regulations related to food safety
  • International standards on food safety
  • Symptoms of food poisoning
  • The pathogens attack methods on food
  • The study of principle of food poisoning
  • Defrosting and proper food storing techniques
  • Personal hygiene techniques while handling food
  • Pest control regulations and strategies
  • Control of food allergens
  • Safe practices in food preparation.

All Our food safety courses in Coimbatore is helped to achieve excellence in food safety field.

How to Study?

Our food safety training is flexible and customized to meet the effective learning in every mode.

We deliver in following modes,

  • Regular (One year)
  • Distance education
  • E-learning
  • Part-time.

Highlights of this Certifications:

  • Certificates are issued from BSS, Promoted by the government of India.
  • ISO 9001 - 2015 Certified Safety company located in Coimbatore.
  • Certificates shall be attested in Ministry of external affairs, India.
  • Certificates shall be registered in Employment Exchange, India.
  • The Students completed Diploma in food safety courses shall apply for membership in IIRSM (U.k).

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