fire and safety officer course in Coimbatore

Looking for Fire and Safety Officer course in Coimbatore?

Fire and safety courses are becoming popular nowadays, the students from different academic disciplines are starting their career in fire and safety because of high paying job & for the level of scope it is contained within.

Fire and safety officers are responsible for the prevention of fire accidents in the workplace.

The Completion of fire and safety diploma courses not only allows you to become "Fire and safety officer", It also offers various professional opportunities,

Some of them are,

How to become fire and Safety officer?

To become fire and safety officer, You must complete any one of the following fire and safety courses,

  • Post Diploma in fire and industrial safety management
  • Advanced Diploma in Fire and industrial safety management
  • Diploma in fire and safety methods
  • Diploma in fire and safety engineering
  • Sub fire station officer
  • Post Diploma in fire and Construction safety management
  • Diploma in fire and safety management
  • Diploma in firefighting

Which fire safety course is best for Your Career?

The opted fire and safety courses shall be decided by the range of factors,

  1. Academic qualification
  2. Experience
  3. Preferred duration of study

For the right assistance in selecting the best fire and safety course with top fire and safety institute in India, You Could contact our academic counsellors.


  • All Our fire and safety courses are approved by BSS, Promoted by Government of India.
  • Approved ¬†Institution under National development agency, India
  • The students can attest the certificate for abroad job offers
  • The students shall register with Employment exchange for job openings.
  • Advanced level fire and safety courses are eligible for the application of MIIRSM Membership.

Note: The Students can choose multiple fire and safety officer course to achieve excellence in field.

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