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Fire and safety is the study of prevention of fire incidents in the workplace.

Prevention of fire accidents in any workplace is mandated by the government rules.

No industry works without risk of fire accidents.

The amount of fire and safety vacancies are increasing day by day.

As per the survey conducted by Payscale, the average salary of fire and safety officer is 304,768 INR to Rs 687,918.

The demand for fire and safety officers and fire and safety consultants are just expanded in unexpected level in last few years.

Why are we opt for your Career Support?

We are one of well-known fire and safety company in Coimbatore registered under the government of India.

Our fire and safety training institute affiliated to BSS, Promoted by the government of India, which is approved by a national development agency.

Our training program covers entire fire prevention and protection strategies with international standards.

All our fire and safety engineering courses are designed to meet the industrial expectations.

⇒ We are ISO 9001 - 2015 Certified fire and safety institute in Coimbatore, offering a range of fire protection and prevention modules.

⇒ All our fire and safety trainers are well experienced & capable of educating you in fire and safety methods.

All Our national government fire and safety certifications are eligible to attest in Ministry of external affairs.

The students completed fire and safety engineering and management courses shall apply for membership in NFPA 

The students shall also apply for membership in IIRSM (U.k). 

You Can verify your fire and safety certificates in concern awarding bodies.

Specialized fire and safety qualifications:

  • Diploma in fire and safety methods (FSS001).
  • Diploma in fire and safety engineering techniques (FSS010).
  • Certificate in fire and safety engineering techniques (FSS011).
  • Post Diploma in fire and safety engineering techniques (FSS012).
  • Diploma in fire engineering & Safety management (FSS013).
  • Advanced Diploma in fire and industrial safety management (FSS020).
  • Fireman technician (FSS021).
  • Certificate course in fire engineering (FSS024).
  • Diploma in fire and safety engineering (FSS025).
  • Post Diploma in fire and industrial safety management (FSS026).
  • Diploma in fire and construction safety management (FSS029).
  • Sub fire station officer (FSS030).

Who Can choose this fire and safety courses?

Students willing to start their career in fire and safety engineering

Professionals willing to switch their profession to fire and safety.

Fire and safety officers willing to become fire safety consultant

Small business owners wish to learn about fire prevention strategies.

Eligibility criteria:

The students must hold any degree or diploma in order to pursue fire and safety qualifications.

GovtRecognized Fire Safety Training academy

Affiliated to BSSPromoted by Government of India, a National development agency.

Internationally Accepted Safety Qualifications

National government fire and safety qualifications shall be attested under Ministry of external affairs, India.

ISO 9001- 2015 Certified fire and safety company.

100 % guaranteed quality fire safety training with our expert trainer's team.

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