Diploma in Health,Environment and Safety engineering

Safety Courses in India
Safety Courses in India

How will Diploma in Health, Environment and Safety engineering help your career in HSE?

Diploma in Health, environment and Safety engineering is one of the earliest qualification provided by Indian counsel.

These safety qualifications, help the students to gain detailed knowledge and skills in,

  1. Management of health hazards exist in Industries
  2. Management of safety threats in industries
  3. Management of environment and pollution control.

Designed for Whom?

This Qualification is designed for Safety officers, safety engineers and managers looking for a diversified career in Occupational health, safety environmental sectors.

How long will it take?

The regular course duration is one year, however, the students can select fast-track mode to pursue it.

Topics Covered:

Safety, health and environment legislation

The students will get detailed knowledge in various international legislation related to health and safety.

The syllabus also included Indian factories act and environmental protection legislation.

Occupational health and safety engineering

The subject focus on various engineering controls to mitigate risk in the workplace.

Also covers various ill health effects and prevention methodologies.

Environment management:

Focus on detailed knowledge of ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental management systems and real-time application in industries.

Environmental science & Law:

A subject that covers various air, land, and water pollution prevention measures, biotic and abiotic models.

Also covers environmental regulations incorporated various environmental protection agencies.

Environmental pollution monitoring & Control

Focus on various pollution monitoring methodologies, calculations and equipments.

Different pollution control strategies available to mitigate the risk to an ecosystem.

Industrial environmental Law:

A subject that covers more detail on industrial law and environmental regulations.

Course Code:


Is Distance mode available?

Yes, the students already employed, can avail distance education opportunity.

Are the Certificates are valid?

The Students successfully completed, Diploma in health, safety, and environmental engineering will receive certificates from

  • Bharat Sevak Samaj, Promoted by the government of India.
  • Certifications are approved by the National development agency, India.

Will this certification be valid in other countries?

Yes, the certifications shall be attested by Ministry of external affairs, India.

Other Popular Safety Qualifications:

Master Diploma in Occupational, health safety environmental risk management (Govt)

Advanced Diploma in Industrial Safety (Govt)

Who we are?

The Leading health and safety Training Institute in India approved under BSS,Promoted by the government of India, a National development agency.

ISO 9001-2015 Certified Safety company offering 1000 + Health and safety qualifications.


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