Diploma in Fire Fighting

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What is Fire Fighting?

An Attempt that made to extinguishes the fire in the workplace, to protect the properties and people at risk. 

What are the responsibilities of Fire Fighter?

Diploma in Fire Fighting
Diploma in Firefighting

The Firefighters are not only responsible for the suppression of fire during fire accident. They also accountable for minimizing the risk of fire accident from the workplace. 

There are no defined responsibilities for firefighters throughout the world, in most cases, their responsibilities will vary from company to company. 

However, some of the common responsibilities of firefighters are, 

  • Involving in the development of fire plan
  • Regular inspection of fire prevention equipment 
  • Investigation of fire accidents 
  • Execution of planned fire drills 
  • Maintaining required legal documents 
  • Inspection of fire prevention equipment 
  • Inspection of fire protection arrangements 
  • Inspection of buildings to make sure they meet building standards 

Diploma in Fire Fighting Overview:

Diploma in firefighting is one of the highly preferred fire and safety course offered by a National government agency (BSS), This qualification helps the candidate to achieve an advanced level of knowledge in firefighting techniques.

The Students appearing for firefighting courses in our institution will learn the following topics, with hands-on practical experiments and methodologies,

  • Depth analysis of firefighting requirements
  • Physical and chemical properties of fire
  • How Fire prevention strategies works
  • Different fire prevention and fire protection measures
  • How to handle different firefighting requirements
  • Different national, international fire and safety standards
  • Firefighting techniques
  • Basic Safety Engineering
  • How to investigate fire accidents
  • How to achieve zero LTI Etc.

Highlights of this Qualification:

  • Firefighting discipline posses a higher number of vacancies compared to any other discipline.
  • As per the survey conducted by Payscale, experienced earn from 25,000 $ to 75,000$ annually.
  • Our Firefighting course certificates are issued by National governmental agency BSS.
  • Our Diploma in firefighting certificates shall be registered in Ministry of external affairs for other country opportunities.
  • Certificates are registerable in Emplyment exchange, India.
  • ISO 9001 – 2015 Certified Firefighting Training Institute in India.

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