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Are You looking for Construction Safety course in Mumbai?

You are in the right place. 

We are one of the reputed construction safety training institution in Mumbai, India offering hundred and plus safety engineering courses with the approval of the Indian government.

What is Construction Safety?

The Construction activities (Either major or Small) having risk within.

As per the survey conducted by Industrial Safety review, 165 construction workers are facing accident for every 1000 workers.

The studies shows, the construction industries are having highest fatality rates than any other industries.

Construction safety is a discipline or study that focusses on preventing this kind of accidents and ill health among the workers. W

What is the responsibility of Construction safety officer?

As a Construction safety officer, you are having a responsibility to prevent accidents and ill health to the workers by developing safe working methods.

You have to regularly perform site inspection, in order to make sure the safety standards are implemented as planned.

You may also have to implement the legal rules related to health and safety in order to keep your company free from fines and prosecutions.

Will I learn Only about Construction?

No, the students Joining for construction safety management courses will also learn other industrial safety elements.

However, the syllabus is specialized to meet construction industrial needs.

Specialized Construction safety management courses?


Diploma in Construction Safety

Diploma in Fire and Construction Safety Management

Advanced Diploma in Construction safety engineering & Management

Mode of Learning:

  • Regular
  • Distance education
  • Part-time study

Highlights of Qualification:

⇑ Certificates are issued from BSS, Promoted by Government of India.

⇑ Approved Institution under National development agency, India. 

⇑ The students shall attest the certificates under Ministry of external affairs for abroad Jobs. 

⇑ The Construction safety certificates are eligible to register under the ministry of external affairs. 

⇑ ISO 9001 - 2008 Certified construction safety institute in Mumbai. 

⇑ The students successfully completed Construction safety courses in Mumbai are eligible to apply for membership in IIRSM (U.k)

Will Student loan available?

Yes, the students shall avail Student loans for Construction safety courses.

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