Workplace Accident Statistics in India

Workplace accident statistics in India

India Goes Worst,

The Control of Occupational accidents is the responsibility of every national governments.

Every governments and government officials having a responsibility to control the industries and construction sectors to prevent the accidents.

Hence, the India having unique regulations for regulating the health and safety standards of the company, most of the accidents occurring in the the industries found to be under reported.

As per the information said by British safety council is that, India haven't established the right reporting systems for reporting accidents and ill health occurring in workplace.

Also they pointed the research paper conducted by Dilipkumar Patel and Kumar Neeraj Jha, which says that nearly 25 percent of occupational fatalities are occurred in construction industries.



The Reasons behind 48,000 Fatalities

As average 38 accidents occurring every day in construction sectors and about 48,000 workers die in India due to occupational incidents alone.

As everyone knows the india had around 1.25 billion rich population and has a massive workforce strength around 465 million. However the research found that only 20 % workers are covered by existing health and safety legal framework, which is very disappointing.

The Accidents only shall be controlled by right enforcement officers, India had only one factory inspector for 506 registered industries, which is very low.